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Learn Guitar Easily with Your Favourite Songs

Learn Guitar Easily with Your Favourite Songs

When you first start learning to play the guitar, you’ll be amazed at how many songs you can learn to play straight away. Because many pieces only use two or three major chords, it is simple to recognize these tunes when playing. A beginning guitarist should begin with simple tunes like these.

You are not going to be good enough. It will take a long time to get used to playing the role of Keith Richards in your own right, and it’s not easy to do so without a lot of practice. Just remember that you should learn from your mistakes and keep improving.

There are many reasons why people start learning how to play the guitar. Some people want to be a part of a band or perform live. Others want to have fun playing it at home.

Whatever your motive for playing, learning new songs is among the most acceptable ways to enhance your guitar playing skills; all the while, you are having fun and avoiding boredom by doing standard practice exercises and routines.

Learning to play songs on the guitar is a pleasant and gratifying step for any new musician, but there are many challenging ones out there. So, if you want to learn how to sing along with your favorite songs, this guide is for you. This tutorial will also go over how to perform the different open chord progressions that come with these songs. You’ll be able to simply execute these songs once you’ve learned how to play these chords.

Songs that You Should Learn – How to Play?

Many guitar songs have two, three, or four fundamental open chords. They feature a straightforward beat and may be performed in various vital locations. They are frequently sung in a basic beat and can be performed with a capo. Before you begin playing these songs, make sure you understand the most fundamental open guitar chord patterns, such as C – A – G – E – D – Am – Em – Dm.

By following these procedures, you may also add certain dom7 chords and F and Bm chords to the tunes. The second most crucial stage in developing a strong guitar chord structure is, to begin with, the simple chord blocks found in the song you wish to learn.

Figuring out a song’s rhythm is an important skill to acquire on guitar. It establishes the beat and speed of the music. There are several sorts of rhythm guitar arrangements that apply to all tunes. Basic strumming patterns like 4/4, 2/4, and 6/8 can be used to play these. Most songs have a sampling rate that allows them to be played in various genres.

Best Guitar Songs That You Should Learn

There are many songs that you can start playing that will help you improve your skills in switching between chords. You can also use an electric or acoustic guitar to complement your sound.

Learn Guitar Easily with Your Favourite Songs | Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

It is the ‘must learn’ song for every novice, if only for the famous beginning riff. It’s so well-known that over 6000 guitarists met in 2009 in Wroclaw, Poland, to play the main riff simultaneously for the Guinness Book of World Records. The song was also ranked 12th on Q Magazine’s list of the 100 best songs of all time.

Contrary to how many people perform this song, the initial riff is not played with power chords. Instead, a fourth interval is created by simply barring two notes on the string. It also makes excellent use of the flat 5th for some bluesy attitude. On the verse, you’ll also be playing some arpeggiated power chords, which means you’ll be striking each chord note once rather than all at once.

Learn an Easy Guitar Song | Last Nite by The Strokes

Formed in 1998, they led what some term an indie music rebirth in the early 2000s. The band was known for its primal and unedited sound, which drew comparisons to bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. After a five-year sabbatical, the Strokes returned with a fury with the album ‘The New Abnormal,’ which gained widespread critical praise.

Last Nite was the second song released from their first album, ‘This Is It,’ which sold over one million copies in the United States. This is an energetic and lively tune that is easy to play, utilizing only simple 2-note intervals and just a few chords on the verse. It is a song you can chill and have a lot of fun with. If the solo is too difficult, there’s a rhythm guitar playing beneath that you may easily play instead.

Learn Guitar Easily with Your Favourite Songs | Back in Black by AC/DC

AC/DC is a classic rock band that attracts everyone. Lead guitarist Angus Young, who rocked the world of rock guitar with his dramatic stage performances, scorching lead guitar skills, and some of the most memorable guitar riffs ever composed, leads the band. Black In Black is a terrific song to learn not just to enhance technique but it will enable you to better the tone that emerges from your fingertips.

This song is very accessible for anyone who is new to playing music. It features a variety of minor pentatonic and open chords, and it’s also an excellent example of how to maintain a positive attitude. One of the most critical factors you should consider when playing this song is making sure everything sounds loud and confident.

Learn an Easy Guitar Song | Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is the forefather of the Heavy Metal genre as you know it. A few songs and riffs are regarded as “musts” for each novice guitarist. The intro riff of Iron Man is among the most famous and popular riffs of all time, on par with Smoke on the Water and Stairway to Heaven.

This song is ideal for anyone new to playing the electric guitar. It introduces them to the power chord, which is one of the most common shapes used in the instrument. It demonstrates how the chord can be played on any fret, which makes it sound good even when playing on a different note. The solo in the pentatonic style is also a great way to learn how to play the lead guitar.

Learn Guitar Easily with Your Favourite Songs | Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

This song catapulted Nirvana to international fame so early in their career. It became a cultural sensation, far beyond the projected audience of grunge and alternative rock enthusiasts to become a household name. The song has gone 8x platinum in Australia on its own and is one of the best-selling singles in the world.

When it is time to learn this song, chances are you’re already familiar with the primary riff. It employs four power chords and doesn’t have to be played especially tight to have that raw, edges’ garage rock vibe. It’s a great tune to rock out to and not worry about anything simply.

Learn an Easy Guitar Song | House of The Rising Sun by The Animals

You’ll now learn how to play “House of the Rising Sun,” a song made popular by The Animals in 1964. In 1962, Bob Dylan released an equally distinctive rendition of the song. This song itself originates from the early 1700s in England. The song’s archaic beginnings may be dated back to England, connected with folk tunes like Little Musgrove and Lord Bernard at the time. It’s also a sign of sex trafficking in England, and it’s frequently used in southern poetry.

In this song, we’ll talk about the basic techniques of fingerpicking. This is a fun and easy way for anyone who wants to improve their guitar playing. There are five chords commonly used in this song: Am – C – Fmaj7 – D – E. Fmaj7 is a more natural chord that I prefer.

This song features a time signature known as 6/8 timing. It’s a type of time signature where two numbers are written on top of one another. The upper number shows the number of notes in a measure, while the lower number shows the note that will be counted as one beat.

Learn Guitar Easily with Your Favourite Songs | Californication by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

RHCP has established its fan base and achieved long-term financial success while having such a varied style. They were founded in 1983 and have sold over 16 million records globally over its existence. Californication is a fan favorite track from the album of the same name.

The tune has a basic chord pattern alternating between the Am and F chords. This theme will be repeated throughout the song until the chorus when you will play some massive open chords. This is one of the rare tunes where you’ll employ a clean tone all the way through.

Learn an Easy Guitar Song | Enter Sandman by Metallica

They are ascending from thrash to become one of the most influential metal bands of all time. Metallica’s scooped chugging riffs, played by James Hetfield’s monstrously precise right hand, have much reinvented heavy metal guitar playing. Enter Sandman is one of their most significant and most recognized songs, selling 30 million copies as a single.

It is also regarded as a must learn.’ From simple power chord chugging to smooth stretches. There’s a lot here to keep you occupied and help you develop all the fundamentals of playing the electric guitar. If the solo is too much for you, don’t be scared to switch to rhythm guitar during that portion.

Learn Guitar Easily with Your Favourite Songs | Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

They are well-known for the stripped-down, basic, and unedited sound, which some characterize as “garage” rock. This minimalism, both in production and music, has led to tremendous commercial success, providing a welcome relief from the standard hyper-produced current acts.

With a classic and instantly identifiable guitar riff, Seven Nation Army is its most successful track. The entire song is simple to play, with only a single-note riff and a few power chords for the verse. You’ll sound fantastic performing this tune, regardless of your ability level. Remember that you don’t need a world-class guitar tone to perform The White Stripes; raw and nasty works just fine!

Learn an Easy Guitar Song | Come As You Are by Nirvana

Nirvana’s debut in 1987 provided a welcome break from the glitter and outstanding feature rock of the 1980s. No one anticipated them to attain the amount of commercial success they achieved with their unclean, raw and comparably underproduced sound. Nirvana is now a worldwide phenomenon, with 75 million records sold.

While Nirvana is not recognized as a riff band, Come As You Are features one of the finest and most memorable beginning riffs ever. It’s quite simple to play, making it great for anyone just getting started on the guitar. The chorus it’s accompanied by a fairly simple power chord pattern.

Learn Guitar Easily with Your Favourite Songs | Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Green Day is classified as a punk or pop-punk band. However, as their career grew and they adopted a more popular musical style, the band achieved remarkable economic success. They have sold over 75 million records worldwide and won five Grammy Awards, which is quite an accomplishment for an alternative band.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams is among the slower-tempo ballads, and it’s one of the simpler songs to play. You’ll essentially be playing huge open chords with a couple of power chords thrown in for good measure. Keep in mind to use a capo on the first fret!

Learn an Easy Guitar Song | Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

The Immigrant song features a memorable beginning riff and employs lyrical elements from Norse Mythology. While it did not chart very well at the time of its release, because of its widespread use in numerous media, such as films, notably the well-known Jack Black film’ School of Rock,’ It is a song that remains relevant and well-known today.

The introductory theme is the main driving force behind the song; practice tapping the 4th fret on the D string while keeping the neighboring strings nice and quiet. You may do this by striking the note with your ring or pinky finger and utilizing the rest of your left hand to ‘strum’ the open strings, preventing them from ringing.

Your Favorite Songs, Your Customized Journey

Aside from these songs, you might also want to play your other favorite songs. Deplike provides you with a chance to begin your customized learning journey. Deplike’s AI enables users to 3D tutor examine their favorite songs and help them to create their individual learning way. With the feedback you receive, it is possible to learn your technique and improve it. The most exclusive feature of Deplike is to provide guitar learners with favorite songs. We have listed the favorite songs of all time that can be played with electric guitar for you. However, you can choose to start your journey with your favorite songs in line with AI based on your choices. Deplike focuses entirely on learners.


Learning how to play the guitar may be enjoyable, and practicing these songs can assist you in developing a better grasp of the various approaches. They can be performed on acoustic or electric guitar. Having fun while learning gives you the impression that you’re coming closer to being able to play the instrument. It may also help you stay in touch with family and friends. With Deplike, there is an easier and faster way. You can start your own customized journey with your favorite songs to learn to play guitar.